God is Love; and he that dwelleth in love
dwelleth in God and God in him.
1 John 4:16
Bouasse Lebel M92
That which I do not see, I believe.
Dopter pl. 103
The Door of Heaven
Angel of Heavenly Union
In listening to the voice of the Angel, I hear
the call of God.
Jesus will give me the robe of innocence.
Let your eyes be fixed on the sign of salvation.
Turgis 1030
Mother of the Angels
Jesus, our Refuge
To please the Lord, it is necessary to be charitable.

The Christian soul prays to the Lord, and his prayers
are carried by the Guardian Angel toward Heaven.
Let us never let go of the hand of our good angel.  Listen to him and follow him;  he will guide us happily to heaven.
Bouasse Jeune
Come, joyful, dear soul. Heaven is thy abode.  
Turgis 1030
Angel of Heavenly Union
In listening to the voice of the angel I hear the call of  God.
Letaille 762

Holy Guardian Angel 
Evil will not reach you. God has  entrusted you to His angels.  
Good Angel, guide me to my mother. 
Bouasse Lebel 1241
My Good Angel not abandon me.


They listened to their Good Angel, 
and their Angel has led them to their Divine Pastor.
Bouasse Lebel
The Lord lives! His angel guards me.
O, Mary, accept the first fruits of my day. 
Let us Love Jesus, the Eternal Wisdom

The Angel Guardian His protective mission begins with life.
I will watch over you night and day to guard your soul and body and lead them to life eternal.
Letaille pl. 15
His Call. Yes, I see! It is the star of the good day, Mary, who wants to be my light and lead me to heaven.
Angel guardian, kind protector, guide me toward true happiness.